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Niecy Nash Shares Sure Fire Way to Keeping Your Man Happy


Comedian Niecy Nash revealed a secret to keeping your man happy in the latest issue of JET magazine, on stands now.

Nash, who is on her second husband, tied the knot with electrical engineer Jay Tucker on May 28, eight months after their engagement. Together the couple raise Nash’s 3 children from her 13-year marriage to Don Nash, a self-ordained minister.

Nash says the surefire way to keep your man from straying is:

“If you keep his stomach full and his penis empty – you won’t have a problem”

Really? In my opinion, her advice holds no substance, there should be far more emotional and physical stability in a marriage than what she’s stating. I find Niecy’s so-called advice invalid and superficial. 

How about a man not straying because he honors his vows and respect the sanctity of his union. What about a man not straying due to the love, respect and loyalty for his spouse. 

Her view and mentality is not only worldly but unfortunate.

15 thoughts on “Niecy Nash Shares Sure Fire Way to Keeping Your Man Happy”

  1. all this talk about how to KEEP YOUR MAN.. how about your man will stay if he wants to? And he better be making ME happy while he’s there. shiiiiiiiiiiiiiid!


  2. I need some of these people to be married more than a minute before they write these books and give advice. Live through some things and then tell me how to make it. :rollseyes:


    1. I need some of these people to be married more than a minute before they write these books and give advice. Live through somethings and then tell me how to make it.


  3. Niecy I don’t care how much you *fuck* a man or suck his glock then cook 8 times a day he is still going to mess around if he feels like it … so please have several seats _/


  4. A man will cheat and stray if he wants to!! I don’t care how many 5 course meals you prepare or how empty his family jewels are!!!


  5. In essence, she’s totally right. But not to be a prude but I don’t have time to be having sex every time he wants to, I don’t think that’s neither fair to a man or a woman to have sex just to say you had sex to keep him happy. I got money to make and sleep to get so if my man needs to masturbate then he better work on the strength in his right hand and get to work. And I agree with the top poster who said people need to be married for longer before giving me advice on how to keep my man happy. I want to hear from the married couples who grew old together, their advice holds more weight. Thanks though girl, your advice was cute and all but No thank you!


  6. I’ve been happily married for 6 years. IMO this is good advice IF you have a strong friendship with your husband and if he deserves it. If you’ve got a good man and you two are like 2 peas in a pod, then her advice is spot on and it will keep your MARRIAGE happy and connected. On the other hand, I’ve seen wives apply this same advice to their womanizing, disrespectful men and it only makes the man treat the woman like a doormat.


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