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Evangelist Pat Robertson tells wife with cheating husband to be grateful she has him!

Pat Robertson

This man is definitely not standing on the principles of God and I pray to God that this woman didn’t heed his advice as her final resolve. Proof ladies and gentlemen that you lean on God for direction not man!!!

Televangelist Pat Robertson told the wife of a cheating husband during Wednesday’s episode of his daily television program, ‘The 700 Club “To stop talking about the cheating. He cheated on you, well, he’s a man.”

The infamous evangelist was responding to a letter he had received from a woman who had admitted to struggling  with forgiveness.

The evangelist advised the woman saying the following:

  • To stop focusing on her  husband cheating because that is the ‘tendency of man’
  • He also suggested it wasn’t the man’s fault  as modern society is filled with temptations
  • The wife was told ‘to make a home so wonderful that he doesn’t want to wander’
  • ‘Thank God that you have a marriage that is  together and that you live in America and good things are  happening,’ said Robertson

The bottom line, he told her to get over her man’s infidelity and start doing more to ensure he doesn’t have reason to wander. You can never tell a married man or woman how to handle the infidelity of a spouse but you sure as hell don’t tell them to accept it as it is the highest form of disrespect. Disrespect for the marriage and the spouse, which is never acceptable.

Robertson is the same evangelist who said “God told him Mitt Romney would win the Presidential election” And we all see how that turned out.

28 thoughts on “Evangelist Pat Robertson tells wife with cheating husband to be grateful she has him!”

  1. I’m a Christian, but this man is an idiot. He’s making excuses for sin. The Bible CLEARLY says that adulterers will not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. It DOESN’T say that wives that don’t make their homes enticing won’t inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. Read your Bible Pat.


  2. People who listen to this Dumb Bastard deserve this kind of backwards Stone Age thinking. But then again, so do all religious idiots. Religion=low intelligence.


  3. Don’t justify the man’s actions – it’s not the woman’s responsibility to keep the man straight and acting godly. I agree, both parties should do their parts in keeping the marriage together and forgiveness is in the bible, but constant transgressions and sinning the same sin – adultery – just is never acceptable condonable or justifiable, nor is it anyone’s fault but the man’s if it occurs after the intervention of the wife the first time.


  4. Oh. My.God. Senility and rampant stupidity on display!
    Maybe God come to him ASAP and tell him to STFU!!!!!!


  5. Oh he’s an asshole sad thing is this woman will most likely listen to him and believe his dumb ass. why because she look to him as a God. 😦 SMMFH


  6. Really Pat????
    How come it is always considered that the MAN is doing everything right, the WOMAN is withholding and withdrawn and therefore leaves the man no choice except to dip his stick somewhere else?? Relationships are a give and take situation – the more men give emotionally, the more they will get physically- really simple equation.


  7. The real question is, why does anyone take him seriously, and why he’s in such a position of leadership and power.


  8. Couples don’t seem to value each other and are constantly distracted and think that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. Problem is , whether it be husband or wife that crosses the fence to see if the grass is greener. Once you find out it isn’t, the fence become too high to climb back. Then they have lost it all, made everyone in the family unhappy. There is plenty of evidence around now. Why don’t people open their eyes and see the lovely person they married. The idiot ‘players’ of this world who prey on married partners are usually whores.


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