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Letter containing Poison Ricin Mailed to Obama


A letter mailed to President Barack Obama on Tuesday tested positive for the deadly poison ricin, the NY Post reports. On Monday a letter was mailed to the office of a Mississippi senator that also tested positive for ricin.

Ricin has been used in assassinations in the past. A tiny amount, the equivalent of a few grains of salt, can kill a man.

Ricin is poisonous if inhaled. It kills by binding to proteins and preventing protein synthesis in humans. Proteins are vital to the human body. Proteins carry out thousands of chemical reactions within cells that help us to move around, digest food, and protects us from virus and bacteria. Without proteins, death occurs within 3-5 days.

From The NY Post:

The Secret Service said a letter containing a suspicious substance was addressed to Obama but did not confirm it was ricin. The second letter was undergoing testing and was also intercepted before it reached its intended target, the agency said.

Yesterday, an envelope containing ricin was sent to the office of Republican Sen. Roger Wicker of Mississippi — and authorities last night said they have identified a suspect in the case, although he did not appear to be in custody.

The letter was intercepted by an off-site mail-screening facility in DC yesterday afternoon and later was sent to a testing facility in Maryland.

31 thoughts on “Letter containing Poison Ricin Mailed to Obama”

  1. Ricin has been used in assassinations in the past. A tiny amount, the equivalent of a few grains of salt, can kill a man.

    WOW :shocked:


    1. Thank God no one in the White House mailroom was hurt.
      I bet the starting pay is the shyt for the mailroom in the yt house! #nojoke


  2. But what did the letter say? or was it a blank envelope? And are they just making a political point, because elected officials don’t open their own mail.


  3. Do people really think the mailman just hands Obama letters?! Do you know how many people that letter goes through before they even think about getting it? Most folks get a form letter and Obama never even saw the letter.


  4. Every time something crazy happens in this country, I think of 35-49 year old white man with anti-government interests before I even think about somebody overseas.

    just me.


  5. The mail room in the white house aint even in the white house…. SOoooooooo a real terrorist should know mail aint the way to get to him….. I’ll keep watching the news to see what’s goin on.


  6. Probably some white supremacy group. That’s who I’m puttin my money on. We’ve seen the spike in those groups since Obama was elected.


  7. Well, we know if it’s a young yt male they will have “addiction” or “mental issues” and therefore not be responsible.


  8. It’s so crazy with all these attacks, bombs, explosions scares and threats. Just this morning there was a scare at Miami International Airport. It’s scary and I think all the media coverage is encouraging crazies to do more. I know innocent folk like me wanna know what’s going on but honestly we do not need every detail cuz aint shii we cna do. I need the media to vibe and let the trained folk who get paid (FBI, CIA, DHS) to handle this issh handle it!


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