“Aunt Viv goes in on Wendy Williams!!”


March 25, 2013 by The ReadyWriter


Janet Hubert, the original Aunt Vivian from the sitcom “The Fresh Prince Of Bel Airwent off on Wendy Williams via her blog talk radio show “Speak Own It” because Wendy Williams continues to pry into the reasons Hubert was fired from the show (“Fresh Prince”) over 15 years ago.

Wendy Williams who is the big mouth, gossiping radio host turned television talk show host, interrogated poor Tatiana Ali over Janet’s departure. Well when Hubert tuned in to see Tatiana on Wendy’s show and heard her name, she was furious and annoyed and decided to address Wendy Williams in an open letter that she read via her blog talk radio show.

Hubert calls Wendy’s mouth “an overflowing volcano and a virus” then suggest that she wants to be another Oprah Winfrey:  “who died and told you that you were reborn Oprah, you will never be another Oprah Winfrey, Oprah lifted her audience up and exuded it with class”

Hubert not only ripped into Wendy’s big breast and fake hair but she insist Wendy is simply a travesty, who envies and hates every other black woman. Hubert even hints that Wendy Williams might be a man.

If Wendy Williams want to know what happened to Janet Hubert’s departure from “The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air” she should invite her on her show for a discussion about it. But I think it’s safe to say, Hubert can’t stand Wendy Williams so that may never happen.

You can listen to Janet Hubert’s letter to Wendy Williams here!

Oh and for the record, Janet Hubert who was the original aunt Vivian on the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” was the best actress in that role. When she was replaced by Daphne Maxwell Reid I stopped watching the show.

Thanks to my sister Theresa for the story tip!


102 thoughts on ““Aunt Viv goes in on Wendy Williams!!”

  1. AlScream says:

    Damn she ripped Wendy’s man looking ass.
    shots were fired n shit!


  2. RandomChick says:

    While Wendy Williams is a big mouth tranny., lawd knows she is.
    Janet sounds bitter, what did happen that she was fired from the fresh prince?


  3. RandomChick says:



  4. Sane says:

    deeeeeeeeayummmm !


  5. Donte says:

    Every thing Janet said in the letter was true. Wendy doesn’t have a problem with airing everyone else’s personal business, but wouldn’t dare share the dirty little secrets her curious husband has. She needs to stop degrading people just for a rise….not right. I’ll be happy when her show is finally off the air.


  6. Mahogany says:

    Maybe now she will stop cause she got her unnatural ass kicked. She talks about Viola Davis’s hair not being beautiful, she wouldn’t know how to spell the word natural.


  7. Adam says:

    Wendy is a mean spirited woman, who is making bank off you stupid people who watch her. Listen to this interview from Aunt Viv she told the truth!…Leave Wendy Williams alone once and for all people.


  8. annonymous says:

    She ate Wendell….I mean Wendy UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. Ebonyeyes says:

    I watched that episode and I could be wrong, but I don’t recall Wendy saying anything negative about her. The fact that she is so-called “coming for Wendy” is just hilarious to me. She’s making a mountain out of a moe hill.


  10. Bobby says:

    She snatched Wendy’s lacefront OFF for life! 😆


  11. Cameo says:

    I watched the interview with Tatyana … all Wendy asked was her perception of the story between Janet and Will Smith. This is WAY over the top. She just wanted to come for Wendy.


  12. Angelhair says:

    Love you Janet but um, Wendy did not say anything negative about you or anyone on the show. She merely asked what happened? pointing out no one. Forget about what happened on that show, and the past. I think you owe her an apology.


  13. Yes says:

    She said womanhood or manhood as some would suggest you to be. I love it because I never liked Wendell Williams.


  14. Coco says:

    She could NEVA, EVA, EVA be Oprah !

    LMMFAO!!! 😆 She came for Wendy and her wigs.


  15. BBallen says:

    lmao … 😆
    She came for ugly ass Wendy


  16. CEODawg says:

    I watched the show. I think the only offense Wendy made was bringing up a story that has been long dead. She wasn’t disrespectful to Ms. Hubert. Maybe I need to re-watch it again. Unfortunately, The Fresh Prince of Bel Aire has been immortalized in syndication. And from time to time people are going to ask (who don’t know the history of the show) Why did they change moms? And I am afraid it’s a question that will never go away. Obviously, there is still some hurt there and it’s understandable. I also understand the disliking of people talking about you behind your back without provocation. I just do not know what the solution is. Like I said one can watch The Fresh Prince of Bel Aire any day of the week, it’s on iTunes, it’s on dvd and other formats. What do you do? Either embrace it or change your name. You are/were a part of television history.


  17. Daisy says:

    I saw the interview as well, so I’m confused. Last I checked Wendy is not the first person to ask what happen to the real Aunt Viv. Janet come the HELL down she’d realize we keep asking the question but we as fans were so upset that she left, and for me the show just wasn’t the same without her.


  18. Adriane says:

    Wendy never said anything mean or rude about her. She simply just asked what happened. If she was to do an interview today with Oprah, trust me, Queen Oprah is also gonna ask What happen to you playing the beloved Aunt Viv??

    A great reporter is going to get the story.

    I like Janet n all but it is High time to Let Go & Let God.


  19. Bird says:

    I heard the ENTIRE audio clip, & Janet just spoke the truth!!!!!!! Wendy is more of an entertainment host, she’s not a REAL journalist/ interviewer like Oprah.


  20. AppleBottom says:

    Seriously though, I myself think Wendy Williams is a man, nothing about her looks feminine. I think the is the reason she gossips and hates on every other woman is to take the attention off the fact that she’s a man. The face, the walk, the legs, the hair….THAT IS A MAN PEOPLE!


  21. Jamilla says:

    Everybody needs to get over it. This is what Wendy does. Janet is a fool, that’s why she got fired from the show. She thought she was more important than Will Smith…imagine that. She needs to get over herself. Wendy doesn’t want to be Oprah. She may want to have Oprah’s money, who wouldn’t. Wendy loves what she does and will be the first to say that she is NOSEY!. Apparently somebody out there likes what she’s doing because she hasn’t been canceled yet. Janet Hubert is a has been, and is so because of her “I’m up on a pedestal” attitude. I’m not even a real fan of Wendy’s, but guess what? I record her show everyday just for the hot topics. Some things I disagree with, some things I don’t believe. But she did what she’s there to do.

    Janet Hubert…GET A LIFE!


  22. Floridagirl says:

    I don’t watch her show it’s a circus and she is the ring leader. Ms. Hubert had every right to put Wendy in her place.


  23. Pinky says:

    Thank you Janet!
    And the nerve of people telling you to get over it. Get over this tranny dissing people constantly on her circus of a show and always putting people down?? I think not, Wendy is so rude, has no class & is willing to step on anyone for a good show. Anyone who supports her is a straight up coon!


  24. 2Thick4U says:

    I agree with Tra, Why not just invite Ms Hubert on the show and ask her? She took the easy way out and asked a 3rd party when she could have easily invited Ms Hubert on asked her herself.


  25. Katman says:

    Dammmn Janet you went in like her plastic surgeon!
    You went in like Edward Scissorhands on shrubbery!
    Went in like Jordan in 88 with 5 seconds on the clock and the Bulls down by 2…

    You need to write for Hallmark! In the “Don’t Come For Me” Section


  26. Yvonne says:

    Well, in defense of Wendy, she is a gossiper. I don’t think she’s trying to “be Oprah.” Yes, Janet was the better “Aunt Viv” but Janet Hubert has a terrible attitude. I’ll never forget her comments against Will Smith in Life After. The guy was a kid on a hit television show, of course he had an ego. This woman is bitter and envious of more successful people, period. Wendy is a snake, but unlike Janet, Wendy is a relevant serpent.


  27. HarlemGirl says:

    I saw the show and think Janet’s response is pretty harsh. She didn’t say anything negative just asked Tatyana what happened. I think you should have taken the high road and appreciated the fact that your name was even brought up Janet…still gives you relevance for a show that has been off the air for years. I don’t always agree with WW and there are times she can go to far but she will be the first one to tell you she gossips and that she does.


  28. Joanne says:

    In a way I agree…seriously Fresh Prince was long ago…I mean its 2013 do you really care why they replaced Aunt Viv? Do ppl actually watch Wendy Williams? She’s never really talking about anything relevant…


  29. Tammy says:

    I agreed with Janet H because she has addressed this issue on TVONE “Life After.”
    Wendy has built her career on this type of behavior.
    Not a fan.


  30. WandaB says:

    okay, I just found a clip of the interview. Janet’s freak out is completely unwarranted. Nothing was said about her, nothing negative, just a simple question and Tatyana talking about her take on things.


  31. BrownGirl says:

    Whats the big deal about asking why she was replaced? Why the freak out if you cant even remember why you even left? ( yeah right Janet) Girl get over it and be happy someones still talking about you 20 years later.


  32. Gabriella says:

    I agree with most of what she says but this was very childish… she shouldn’t have said a word.. Wendy’s reputation speaks for itself.


  33. QueenC says:

    Wendy didn’t say anything disrespectful Janet!!
    Take several seats!!


  34. Danny says:

    Wow, this hubert lady (whoever she is) sounds like she has been steeping in bitterness for some time now. No wonder she was replaced.


  35. QTip says:

    Wow! Why such a brashly personal letter?
    I saw the interview, and Wendy didn’t say anything disrespectful.


    • Shawnia says:

      Wow! Why such a brashly personal letter?
      I saw the interview, and Wendy didn’t say anything disrespectful.
      Agree – but, this is a very TOUCHY subject for Janet.


  36. Xmen says:

    Man, she really went in on Wendy.


  37. Olivijah says:

    “Womanhood or manhood as some suggest”.

    Yep, that’s where people sit in regards to Wendy or “William” Williams.

    Only issue here is that it won’t affect her one bit because she has certainly heard it all before many times over about exactly who and what she is and former “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” star, Janet Hubert just fed into and fell into the Wendy Williams trap of more drama, gossip and controversy.


  38. Kayla says:

    OMG Janet it’s not that serious!
    You should have taken the high road and not replied. You have just shown how bitter and immature you are.


  39. SueWee says:

    It’s about time someone put that man-heffer in her place.


  40. Lexy says:

    Janet Hubert has a long history of being hostile and hard to get along with … that is why she was fired from the show. It is obvious she is still very angry and obviously vindictive even 20 years later. She has talked at length about how wronged she was and lashed out a little over a year ago at the question of whether she would ever be part of a Fresh Prince reunion. She sued NBC and Will Smith over her firing.

    It is rare to see someone in show business so openly angry and bitter for so many years … as it is not smart to get a reputation of being an angry hot head who can’t get along with others you work with. Great way to destroy a career – which she did.

    I don’t agree with a lot of the inflammatory things Wendy has been known to say – but in this case, she really didn’t say or do anything negative or insulting to Janet. It appears Janet is in dire need a lot of intensive anger management.


  41. CorporateBitch says:

    She asked a very simple question that alot of people still wonder about. She did not insult or demean Janet Hubert. I don’t know what she’s upset about?! Wendy Williams is who she is and makes no apologies. She’s well aware of the “man” jokes and is in on it. Next….


  42. Yasha says:

    I don’t think Wendy wants to be “Oprah.” Choose your battles Janet and let the comments be like water off a duck’s back.


  43. Nicole says:

    Dear Wiggy, I’m sorry, Wendy,
    Recently, you found the need to put an end to the mystery surrounding my departure from a show that I did so damn long ago that I don’t even remember why I departed.

    Wendy Williams, or whatever you are supposed to be, I’m not quite sure. I’m writing you yet again, to appeal to your sense of womanhood or manhood as some suggest. Please close your mouth about things that you know nothing of…..

    You are such a demon Wendy. You are wicked, awful, conniving, sinister, spiteful, jealous of every other woman. Simply put, Wendy you are a virus. You are not nor have you ever been a true woman. It seems as though your audience thirsts for the blood of others, as they are prompt to clap and hoot and holler at your shows and wigs and clothes.

    Girl you will have some stars on your show and demean them before they even make it back home. I just would like to know who died and told you that you were reborn as Oprah. You want to be Oprah so bad that you would kill for it and you will kill anyone to achieve success. Sister, you will never be another Oprah. Oprah lifted her audience up and exuded an air of class.”

    I enjoyed Janet Hubert on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air but seeing how much this situation still bothers her is just sad. I hope she is able to get some peace and perspective soon and move past this. This one incident should not rule her life as it so obviously has.


  44. Mrs. Hawthorne says:

    I’m not really a fan of Wendy Williams but, seriously, Janet Hubert little rant is too extreme. It’s just school-yard name calling. Questioning if Wendy is a woman? Get real, Janet Hubert just demeaned herself and she’s obviously still upset for being fired from the show.


  45. Pointman says:

    I would say to Janet, “Have a little more class.”. Obviously you do remember why you left, or you wouldn’t have written such a vile letter over such a simple question. Wendy Williams already knows she’ll never be Oprah, and what you don’t realize is that she’s not trying to be.

    Get over it, Janet, and move on.


  46. Zenna says:

    WoW! What a classy rebuttal! Why hasn’t or doesn’t someone give Janet Hubert her own talk show? I would certainly watch it.


  47. Intense says:

    I thought Ms Hubert would go on Wendy Williams show and tell her side of the story, since she always talk about it herself. On a recent Life After on TVOne, she was featured and ragged on Will Smith, she said she wrote a book about her experience too. Why get mad at a gossip show hostess when that’s her job, I have issues with Wendy myself but this time Ms Hubert should’ve been glad for someone to ask about her. Nothing disrespectful was said about her either. She has some issues.


  48. Gia says:

    It would’ve served in Janet Hubert’s best interest to sit on Wendy’s couch and once again tell her tail of woe. Wendy didn’t overstep any lines (This time) so Janet Hubert is coming from a very angry place.


  49. Tamala says:

    Janet Hubert is one of my favorite TV moms.

    Unfortunately, Wendy isn’t one of my favorite talk show hosts.

    I’ve re-watched the episode with Tatyana Ali, twice, each time all I see is Wendy asking a “hard” question that ANY host would have asked, including Oprah about Janet’s exit.

    Janet get over it!


    • SoldierBoy says:

      I see that differently Tamala.
      That question did not have to be asked by Wendy. The show has been off the air for a generation.She was asking someone about it who made it clear she was a child with no insight or knowledge about it.

      Nothing was going on to inspire any such curiousity.


      • Natasha says:

        I agree. That show has been off the air for 15 + years, Tatyana is all grown up now, has had plenty of other work to talk about plus was quite young when this situation occured. The question really did not need to be asked.
        Ms Hubert revealed the details herself on a previous tv program of her life


  50. Keisha says:

    Wendy Williams did nothing wrong!

    Wendy, did what ANY good TV host would do, and that is ask provocative questions that would interest her viewers.

    Here’s the back story:

    Janet Hubert was very BITTER and vocal about her exit from the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”.

    Janet had a lot of animosity towards the show’s producers, Will Smith’s stardom, including his hand in getting her kicked off the show.

    Regardless, of how long ago the show was off the air, Janet continued to slam the producers and Will Smith long after the show ended even made a statement in 2011 about the “Fresh Prince” reunion and how she would NOT appear in any reunions until she receives an official apology. (link below)

    That is why Wendy, produced a 2011 pic of the show’s ‘reunion’ and queried and all-grown-up, Tatyana Ali (who btw, was very gracious in her response) about Janet’s exit.

    Will Smith Slammed by Former Fresh Prince Costar,,20556982,00.html


  51. Manup says:

    OMG I love Janet!
    The letter was hateful but beautiful. 😆


  52. Acquitta says:

    I used to listen to Wendy on the radio and even watch the first season of her show. After that it all became boring and inauthentic. I know, I know, it’s TV, but goodness knows I can be entertained by something a little better than a grown woman rubbing her teeth and pulling slip of paper out of her wig!

    I always liked Dark Aunt Viv more, than Light Aunt Viv and yes I think that they did her dirty, but at the end of the day, clowning Wendy Williams does not make her classier. I don’t think she’s excessively bitter but clearly she likes to speak her mind when her name comes out of somebody’s mouth. smh


  53. Omar says:

    Wendy’s ugly ass cant afford to talk about noooobody with them looks. I don’t care if she is a talk show diva. Smmfh!!


  54. Lexy says:





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