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Johnny Gill Remains “hush-hush” About His Sexuality


R&B crooner Johnny Gill was featured on last night’s edition of TV One’s acclaimed music series ‘Unsung‘. One of the subjects that viewers tuned in to hear Gill discuss were the rampant bisexual rumors that have dogged him over the years.

Gill, 46, who dated R&B singer Stacey Lattisaw when he was 15-years-old, seemed conflicted when talking about the persistent gay rumors.

On the one hand he says he has “compassion” for homosexuals, but on the other hand, he says, “it just doesn’t feel good.”

“If I could tell you why I sure would have by now … at this point in time I would have been able to cure that issue … to get rid of that issue,” he explained.

“I took (sic) for the life of me never, never understood where it came from, why it lasted as it’s lasted.”

He continued sounding confused:

“I mean, you gotta remember, before there was Twitter, and Facebook, and all this other stuff, you know there was just the rag magazines. Whatever they say it was like that was the truth. People believe whatever it was,” he said. “But I don’t feel as bad anymore, because when I go on the Internet everybody’s gay … I’ve just always been a very private person.”

Let me make sure we are clear on something. Whether it’s being called gay, accused of being gay, accused of a thief, accused of being anything or somebody’s lying [about] you and saying something about you that’s not true, it just doesn’t feel good … I have such compassion for gay people now more than ever. Just simply because in some odd way I’ve been able to walk in their shoes or to see … how they feel and how people treat them and deal with them because of their sexuality.”

Gill, who always been considered a ladies man around the industry, said the rumors were so troubling to him that he questioned whether his own girlfriend of 5 years doubted his sexual identity.

I’m going to tell you guys something off the record that I know my girlfriend probably won’t be happy with me for saying this, to talk about this. But I’m going to say it. When we first got together – we’ve been together for five years – there was so much stuff floating around why are you dating this guy, this guy, he’s gay, blah, blah, blah, Eddie Murphy. All this stuff is going on and I’m like, ‘Do you believe it?’ She says, ‘No, I just hear everybody just keeps saying,’ and I said, ‘Let me tell you something. Here’s what we are going to do…’ Woke up, we got the yellow pages, and you know, I mean, that was five years ago … So, we called this guy, he brought out his machine, strapped down to take a lie detector test. I wrote down questions, I made her write down questions … When the guy called back with the results and we both laying there in the bed. Tears came down … I would never want to lay next to someone that might even remotely have any doubt or question of who I am.”

90 thoughts on “Johnny Gill Remains “hush-hush” About His Sexuality”

      1. Good Morning Ceo’rs

        Random :hug:

        And er’rybody else coming scragglin in here later.


      2. Good Morning All! Happy Friday….:hi: Tracy aka Blog Queen
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  1. if u know who u are then why waste your time trying to prove to people who u like to lay down with? If the gf had doubts about his sexuality then she should have left him

    That nose ring though :SMH:


  2. (not saying this the case)… I feel bad for a real gay person who feels forced to live in the closet for whatever reason. I would just wanna be me and do me.
    Did his career take a big hit due to the rumors?? I wasn’t really up on it in his prime.


  3. He had a solo, trio, & group career. He had great fame, just bad luck w/love & money management. Has he ever been linked to anybody other than Stacy & Eddie?


  4. So he really took a lie detector test though?! Bwhahahaha!!

    Admin: Johnny are you gay?
    Johnny: *nodding his head* but saying no
    Admin: Sir so are you saying yes?
    Johnny: I’m saying No
    Admin: No you are you not gay?
    Johnny: Yes I am happy
    Admin: Nucca is you or is you not gay
    Johnny: *nodding his head* but saying no
    Admin: Well will you suck my duck
    Johnny: *slurping*


  5. Like most celebrities he blew his money on foolishness that he can’t account for, such as shoes and handbags for his lady friends.


  6. “i’m gay but I’m not gonna verbally say it.” at least in the entertainment industry that’s how it is…and that’s what he’s saying.


  7. Being gay is disgusting we were designed to be straight. If gay was the way, it would not be controversial. Two penis’ and vaginas don’t even sound correct oh! Because it isn’t. God ordained man and woman. It does affect our universe because the more gays and lesbians there are, it will be hard to build wholesome relationships because people are down low.


  8. Very sexy smile and very good looking. I wouldn’t mind being his girlfriend. A body like his is a terrible thing to waste on another man.


  9. johnny never denies tho. he never says ‘no, thats not true’, or ‘no, im not gay’. he just says ‘eddie could care less about it’….hmmmm…


  10. men who sleep with men and lie about it are called DOWN LOW – A man who openly sleeps with the same sex is considered homosexual!


    1. men who sleep with men and lie about it are called DOWN LOW – A man who openly sleeps with the same sex is considered homosexual!
      Thanks it ain’t like we didn’t know that shit!


      1. men who sleep with men and lie about it are called DOWN LOW – A man who openly sleeps with the same sex is considered homosexual!

        Ok although that was no monumental revelation.


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