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A Year After Whitney Houston’s Death:


February 11, 2013, marks the one-year anniversary of the tragic death of singer Whitney Houston, which left both her fans and family devastated. Whitney Houston’s death at the age of 48 was shocking, but when the toxicology reports came back on March 29, the results were not. It was determined that the “I Will Always Love You” singer, who struggled for years with substance abuse, had traces of cocaine, marijuana, and several prescription medications in her system at the time of her death. Her drowning was credited to the effects of chronic cocaine use and heart disease….

A year later and is anyone else still shocked that Whitney Houston is gone?

38 thoughts on “A Year After Whitney Houston’s Death:”

  1. CNN did a documentary on Saturday and interviewed one of Whitney Houston’s uncle and the man said when Whitney use to sing n sweat he knew she was using drugs then. and the reason why her family never said anything to her about drugs is because she was the family’s cash cow ! that uncle blew the lid off the truth!!


      1. A lot of action at the Bear Lake Area,Police think they may have caught Dorner.Exchange of gunfire in the area *phone posting

        I heard they had a thousand leads. I’m sure civilians were trying to find him, for the million dollar reward.


      2. >>>>>>

        LOS ANGELES — Fugitive ex-cop Christopher Dorner engaged in a shootout with federal authorities in the Big Bear area Tuesday, a law enforcement source told the Los Angeles Times.

        The shooting occurred after Dorner burglarized a home, tied up a couple and stole their car, the source said to the Times.

        It was not immediately clear whether Dorner was in custody.

        A second source said there was an active crime scene but did not have details.


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