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“No Warning” as LAPD Shoot 2 Women in Manhunt for Cop Killer


Los Angeles law enforcement officers with itchy trigger fingers shot up the wrong pickup truck during a massive manhunt for cop killer Christopher Jordan Dorner, 33.

Two women were hospitalized with serious injuries when LAPD officers mistook their pickup truck for Dorner’s and opened fire.

The attorney for Maggie Carranza, 47, and her mother, 71-year-old Emma Hernandez, said the women had “no warning” before their truck was riddled with bullets as they delivered Los Angeles Times newspapers around 5:15 a.m. in Torrance, CA.


“There was no warning. There were no orders. No commands. Just gunshots,” attorney Glen Jonas told CBS Los Angeles.

The case of mistaken identities seems to confirm suspicions that police have been given “shoot to kill” orders in their hunt for the LAPD officer.

Dorner (pictured above) is accused of killing a couple over the weekend and opening fire on four officers early Thursday, killing one and critically wounding another.

Cal State Fullerton assistant women’s NCAA college basketball coach Monica Quan (pictured above) and her fiance Keith Lawrence were found shot to death Sunday in their car in a parking garage in Fullerton, Calif. Quan is the daughter of the former LAPD police chief.

The ex-Navy veteran wrote a detailed online posting targeting police officers and others who he blamed for his wrongful termination from the LAPD.

75 thoughts on ““No Warning” as LAPD Shoot 2 Women in Manhunt for Cop Killer”

    1. A Testament that that brother was telling the truth about the LAPD in his manifesto.
      Now they are going to reopen this dude’s case…I believe they discriminated against it.


  1. So these police get some heat put on em they just shoot old women indiscriminately?

    Man, after they kill this nigga, I bet he had a hail of story to tell on them niggas. They aint even tryin to take him in.


  2. Dayum and they ain’t found dude yet he ain’t no joke. that anger built up in him cause they treated him like shit but u don’t kill n go crazy to make ya point. you put they asses on blast. now they won’t protect him they will kill him when they find him.


  3. Morning Ceo Fam.
    This run away, killer cop is gaining support against the racist LAPD and yes the LAPD is a bunch of racist killers. Whatever happened to the black girl that was arrested and released and when her mother went to pick her up she was never found. They killed her. Till this day that girl has never been found.


      1. Sup Ladies,

        Felicia, I remember hearing about that girl. She was in custody then released, then disappeared. Her parents suspect the LAPD may have murdered their daughter.


  4. I know they/LAPD did this dude wrong. he snapped for a reason. now i don’t condone him going on a killing spree but maybe he feel this was the only way to get folks attention and to get his case heard.


  5. They said this guy was a good cop. sounds to me like they led him to SNAP!!! Hope he comes out of this alive because he told a lot of dirty stuff the LAPD has done to people and I’m sure he knows lots more.


  6. They will not catch this monfucker!!!! he was the best the navy, air force, marine or whateva the fuck he was apart of ever had, they done pissed him off and he a black man. He sayin “y’all catch me if y’all can I’m out!”


  7. my dad is a police officer and we talk about the crookedness of the police all over the world. he said that it’s not how it used to be back in the day, when wearing a blue uniform meant to protect and serve. now it means how can we be as crooked as we can without getting caught? that’s why he’s never had a partner after 25 years of being on the force. he said if he saw something illegal going down, he would be forced to report it because he’s not going down with them.


  8. Sidebar…Crooked cops disgust me. The way these above shot at these ladies without even a second thought speaks to that frat brother, what the boss says goes mentality. No shame even. And if they could have covered this up, they probably would have. I hope they recover and sue the LAPD———– 😦


  9. And we will never know if the wrongful termination was true or not, what were these alleged lies that this man told on other officers to get fired? I’m curious. I don’t condone him going commando about his termination, but it does make me wonder the underlying story and what really happened.


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        Nice! That’s a cheap meal.
        I wish my man MIGHT take me to McDonLD’S


      2. Some Mcdonalds are offering a candlelight dinner for Valentines Day 🙂
        that’s not funny cuz maybe that’s all some can afford but 😆 :no:


  10. Crazy ass LAPD. They wanna shut this nigga up before he spill all they’re secrets. He should contact internal affairs in washington. Let them turn him in.


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