Beyonce Does Much To Stay Relevant


January 10, 2013 by The ReadyWriter


And posing in your underwear, wearing a cut-off t-shirt, that shyly exposes your breast on the cover of a major magazine, is sure to get the attention that Ms. Beyonce seeks.

The superstar singer flaunts her killer curves and sexy look on the cover of the upcoming February issue of GQ magazine, which hits newsstands on Jan. 15.

Wearing only a pair of red leopard-print underwear and a cropped T-shirt, Beyonce accessorizes her sexy appearance with nothing else but some gold jewelry and a come-hither look, the New York Daily News reports.

It seems to me that Ms. Beyonce dances on every set. When the Newtown, CT  tragedy happened, she jumped on the “ban assault weapons” wagon and became a spokesperson for that issue. After Barack Obama won his second term election, she penned an open letter to Michelle Obama. 

The buzz over Bey’s risqué cover shoot follows disappointing news for me, that she will be performing the national anthem at President Barack Obama’s inauguration ceremony on Jan. 21, which will take place at the U.S. Capitol. I was so hoping Obama’s people would reach out to Jennifer Hudson.

beyonce body

But Beyonce doesn’t stop there. Two weeks later, she’ll let loose with a highly anticipated Super Bowl halftime performance on Feb. 3… damn!!!!! I’m a little tired of the no-talented, attention seeking singer.

I have nothing against Beyonce and I’m a fan of some of her hits, but there are so many other talented artist out here that Beyonce can’t hold a candle too, yet they are not getting half the attention she’s getting and it’s a bit annoying.

Following the Super Bowl, Beyonce is set to premiere an HBO documentary about herself and her family that she financed, directed and produced. Wow!

70 thoughts on “Beyonce Does Much To Stay Relevant

  1. Kayla says:

    LOL 🙂 cause Tracy posted this under “Half Naked Heifers!!”

    I agree Beyonce does alot to keep herself in the limelight and she is annoying.


  2. Mahogany says:

    not a beyonce fan but not a good look for someone whose suppose to be a mother. i have nothing against being sexy but there are boundaries people and she’s a bit much.


  3. Bobby says:

    Aw she’s such a role model.


  4. alscream says:

    Expect to see this half naked heffa at the supermarket magazine stand by checkout
    Role model my ass
    Hide your kids


  5. Applebottom says:

    Wow shes about to be down our throats. Bad enuff you gotta see her azz in the revlon commercials.


  6. Adriane says:

    Ms. Bell I never could comprehend the hype surrounding Beyonce. But I felt sure in knowing i wouldn’t have to look at her ass when i came to this blog.


  7. Lexy says:

    Beyonce overload.
    She. Looks. Fab. thou


  8. Tammy says:

    With so many classy people of color to choose from, they picked this no-clothes-wearing, coochie-popping trick to sing at the Inaugural? I really hope she doesn’t show up on Capitol Hill in hotpants or a onesie or something smh.


  9. Gia says:

    I guess she is doing all she can to make sure she isnt ignored and being BUTT BALL naked on the cover of a magazine will do it. 🙂


  10. BBallen says:

    Nice pics.
    Just as long as she and Jay don’t say shit to Blue when she does it.


  11. Cameo1 says:

    Beyonce is back looking like a whore. She could not stay classy for Blue Ivy. Blue Ivy sure have role models for her parents


  12. Jamilla says:

    I get that she’s an entertainer and probably feels like she should keep pushing the envelope to remain buzzworthy- but come on! This isn’t necessary.


  13. Shawnia says:

    she’s really tryna give the young ones (riri, cassie et al)a run for their money. This doesn’t suit her IMO but she looks good :shrugs:


  14. Zenna says:

    Seems like Bey is going backwards not forward


  15. Nicole says:

    Cute :tea: but them legs look photo-shopped :karate:


  16. Tamala says:

    Bey = baddest chick in the game!!!!


  17. Pointman says:

    Dayum Beyonce,
    why would you do some shit that Rihanna does for attention. :no: Damn what happened to the poise & the class of a Lena Horne or Dorthy Dandridge. Women who gave off that sexual vibe without trying.


  18. Yes says:

    Yes, Beyonce. YES.


  19. Bird says:

    To me Bey is trying to be Rih without going all the way. So yeah, this pic is trashy, and it ain’t cute in my opinion. And I can’t wait to see it at the proper angle so she doesn’t look all distorted.


  20. Sane says:

    Jay know what her body really look like. She’s photo shopped let’s keep it real all that glitters ain’t gold.


  21. hevlord says:



  22. HarlemGirl says:

    This picture is not very Christ-like now is it???


    • Ionna says:

      This picture is not very Christ-like now is it???
      please! Christ-Like? Whatever…Shes trying to make that money$$$


      • Yvonne says:

        she needs to fall back from proclaiming Christ as Lord…Really….shes not a good example….i wouldn’t want to get saved….it would seem like hypocristy.


      • 2Thick4you says:

        Yeah @Yvonne, you’re right. If she’s gonna be Christian and saved, she needs to live that lifestyle. The Bible says you can’t serve two masters, trying to live for God and live in a wordly way doesn’t cut it. I’m not mad at Beyonce for doing her career thing, which is more important than doing what’s right for Jesus obviously, but she needs to choose and stop being a public hypocrite.


      • Rezzie says:

        The Bible says that we as Christian women should dress modestly. A relation ship with God will have you to do what he would have you to do. Bringing men to lust( which is a sin) is not acceptable. You as a Christian have a duty to the commandments and the laws without compromise. If you call yourself a Christian you have rules by God to follow. You can’t change them because it fits what you want. God is the same – nothing about God or his Laws for his followers have changed.


      • Adam says:

        its the business, not the church, its not the first time nor the last time you will see scantily clad “christians” I am not a christian(neither was Christ) judge yes not………………………and beyonce is in the phase of trying to stay relevant.


      • Joanne says:

        I agree whole heartedly, nudity is not a Christian message.


      • Ebony says:

        Beyonce roll with the wind, if it’s popular to be christian in a season, she’ll roll with that, if it’s popular to get half butt ass naked then she’s going to do that too. anything to keep her name out there. *_* many side eyes.


      • Starr says:

        Jesus was far from this heifers mind when she posed half naked in some zipped up leopard drawers!


  23. Yvonne says:

    Wow Beyoncé got her azz OUT!!!!!


  24. SueWee says:

    its always about the $$$$$$$$. And the attention and sex always, SELLS…………………..


  25. 2Thick4you says:



  26. Quincy says:

    I’m not her husband, if Jay-Z like it, I love it. The only person that should have an issue with her dressing or posing like this is the man she married (Jay-Z).


  27. Adam says:

    Beyonce is beautiful, and multi-talented. She didn’t need to do this, she wanted to…bottom line.


  28. Floridagirl says:

    nothing is worth selling your soul for material gain…


  29. annonymous says:

    Fuck Beyonce!!!!


  30. Ebony says:

    Good morning Fam…Beyonce stay doing too much. The pictures were tasteless not her style but she does seem desperate to stay relevant


  31. wanda says:

    Nice body Bey but I hate attention seeking bitches!


  32. keisha says:

    showing your ass gets attention don’t ya’ll know.
    It made absolutely NO SENSE how they were even talking about this HO on the news. I mean C’mon who gives a fuck about Beyonce posing in leopard draws when you have kids being killed left n right. And because she is trying to stay relevant she will do anything necessary. Pathetic!!


  33. Joanne says:

    C’mon on now Beyoncé you married and on the front of GQ Magazine in your underwear? Do better and stop focusing on attention if for the sake of your child and nothing else.


  34. Lexy says:

    Happy Friday…shameful but Beyoncé looks good


  35. Starr says:

    JayZ get yo wife and Blue Ivy’s momma please and thank you. you ain’t given her enough attention.


  36. Manup says:

    I thought bey was classy.


  37. annonymous says:

    I really hate this overrated, overhyped, over-exposed bitch. I really hope and pray that a flock of seagulls fly across the sky during her halftime superbowl performance and drop a boat load of shit on her head, then she slips and cracks her two front teeth and her fake tail bone.

    This chick needs to have a seat and be reminded of her blessings and stop thinking that the world should eat, sleep and shyt Beyonce.

    What a arrogant loser.


  38. annonymous says:

    umm, girl you look like an old fish.. go sit down & comb that nappy head daughter of yo’s hair & start teachin her how to read so she don’t end up an illiterate bitch like yourself!


  39. BrownGirl says:

    She fell way off with the gq pic imo.


  40. Coco says:

    BEY where are your clothes girl? You got other women husbands watching. Gurl dont you know you are a wife and you are a mother. DISGUSTING.

    Is Mr.Obama sure you are a role model?

    Or did he use you and jay for the campaign funds but behind your back make sure his daughters doesnt look at you on this cover?

    What you promote is not AMAZING it is TYPICAL of a woman needing attention.


  41. itsanewyear says:

    I’m disappointed she’s singing the national anthem too. non singing ho


  42. Aceman says:

    Bey ain’t need to this she a mother. you can still be sexy wit some clothes on.


  43. CDawg says:

    our sistahs need to respect their men and know that certain things (like this) is just for your man and not for the world to see. smh


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