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Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry Reach An Agreement


Halle Berry and her baby daddy, Gabriel Aubry have reached an “amicable” agreement following the violent Thanksgiving Day altercation involving Aubry and Halle’s fiance, Olivier Martinez.

Halle’s attorney Blair Berk and Gabriel’s attorney Shawn Holley were all smiles as they left court Thursday. Both sides agreed to drop their restraining orders against each other, TMZ reports.

 Rather than address the media, Blair held up a piece of paper with the handwritten statement: “The parties have reached an amicable agreement. There will be no further statements regarding this matter.”

The action comes just days after Aubry’s attorneys released graphic images of the horrific wounds Aubry suffered at the hands of Martinez, a trained boxer.

Aubry’s camp claims Martinez, 46, was angry that Aubry won a legal challenge preventing Halle from moving with her daughter, Nahla, to France, where Martinez maintains his home.

Since this incident and Halle’s latest court drama, the internet is all abuzz talking about Halle’s history of having failed relationships. Halle’s been dating Martinez since 2010.

43 thoughts on “Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry Reach An Agreement”


    That nigga Gabriel Aubry is phucked up! Halle puzzy must give that ninja Olivier Martinez some sort of superpowers or something!


  2. Since this incident and Halle’s latest court drama, the internet is all abuzz talking about Halle’s history of having failed relationships.
    I DARE you to name ONE woman who has a PERFECT relationship with men.


  3. Fuck dat.!!!


    I’d HAVE to get that nigga Olivier back. HAVE TO.
    I’d be training like Rocky and eating raw eggs and shit gettin ready for that next go round.


  4. I for one can see Gabriel getting the big head being cocky cuz of his court victory. No man would take a butt whopping like that and not want revenge in some way. He had to have had that coming.


  5. What bothers me about some mothers is how they put their vaginas above their own children. They drag one man after the other into their homes, around their children. It’s a shame.


    1. What bothers me about some mothers is how they put their vaginas above their own children. They drag one man after the other into their homes, around their children. It’s a shame.


  6. Although Gabe and Halle were never married, she needs to keep Unfaithful in check. Unfaithful should have NO reason to speak to Gabe…me thinks Halle likes the drama. What other reason would SHE keep this mess going? WE as women have the POWER. SMH


  7. I’m glad they reached a settlement and Nahla and her father can be reunited 🙂 Hopefully the adults can put away their pride for the sake of the little girl.


    1. Anna,
      I’m glad father and daughter are reunited….although I wonder what story they gave Nahla? She knows something because her father has two black eyes and Oliver’s hand is in a brace…smh.


    1. Please all her relationships are temporary.
      Acquitta GROW UP ain’t no relationship perfect.


  8. gabriel isnt perfect but i will say that I believe Halle used this man as a sperm donor and never had any intentions on letting him play an active role in that child life


  9. Hopefully, Oliver will butt out for now on. He, in my opinion, had no business approaching Gabriel that night. Gab was probably pushed to the brink. I don’t excuse the violence, but sometimes if people know what buttons to push, they’d do it.


  10. Grown men fighting SMH.
    The fiance had no business saying anything to Gabby, it’s his child with Halle and all affairs (concerning the child) are between them.


  11. For the love of collard greens and all that’s right with the world, I’m so happy to hear this because this hot ass mess of a situation had become very sick. I’m glad some cooler heads have finaly prevailed in the best interest of the child.


    1. Yep, cooler heads HAVE prevailed. Cooler heads aka Revlon and other lucrative contracts Halle have.

      I’ll bet they told Halle in no uncertain terms to FIX THAT SHIT ASAP, because it was definitely not a good look for them.


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