Walmart employee fired for running over teen shoplifter with his car


August 10, 2012 by The ReadyWriter

A career shoplifter will probably win a substantial settlement from Wal-Mart after one of their employees ran the teen over with his car.

Houston, Texas police arrested Lance Ferguson, 33, on July 10 and charged him with aggravated felony assault after he admitted he had a confrontation with Dominique Mason, 18, whom he suspected of shoplifting “a few” CDs and games from Wal-Mart.

Mason claims he intended to steal the CDs and games but he had a “change of heart” and returned the merchandise he stole. Mason said Ferguson confronted him inside Wal-Mart, shouting, “Why are you stealing out of my store?”

Mason said he left the store and was walking through an adjacent parking lot when he heard a car approach him from behind.

Ferguson, who was still wearing his Wal-Mart vest and hat, struck Mason, sending him tumbling over the front hood of the car and onto the ground.

Ferguson allegedly shouted, “Don’t come back to my store. You want to steal from my store?”

Mason was treated for minor back injuries at a local hospital and released. Wal-Mart terminated Ferguson’s employment following his arrest.

Mason’s mother, Nicola Sherfield, told KPRC News: “Stealing is a crime, yes. But for an individual who’s not a police officer, or a part of Walmart’s loss prevention, he had no right to do what he did… to follow my child and try to run him down like he was some animal or something.”


34 thoughts on “Walmart employee fired for running over teen shoplifter with his car

  1. Al-scream says:

    top flight security goin down tuh-day bwoi! *oleOtisvoice*


  2. EbonyEyes says:

    Walmart better get that checkbook out…


  3. CoCo says:

    Whats so bad is most store policies are to “not to apprehend a thief”-HIS STORE? yeah right!!! you don’t own Walmart fool


  4. Dana says:

    blah, blah, blah MOM…bet he won’t steal again though

    But yeah Mr. Walmart Employee that was a pretty harsh punishment for the petty crime


  5. Bobby says:

    Mason and the fam are going to get paid!


    • Gia says:

      I’m sure it was an accident and that the Wal-Mart employee did not intentionally hit the young man with the car. But I agree the family’s gonna get PAID.


  6. Jamilla says:

    I dont know why people always wanna play hero when people shoplift.. If the shoplifter is not causing serious bodliy harm to anybody, theres no need to intervene… alert security and chill!


  7. Sane says:

    I dont know why people always wanna play hero when people shoplift.. If the shoplifter is not causing serious bodliy harm to anybody, theres no need to intervene… alert security and chill!


    • Bobby says:

      @SANE: cosign!!!!
      Majority of the items stores have they make over 100% profit on it because the cost is usually penies and they sell them for way more than that. Stores have insurance; being a former clerk in my teens when I saw people stealing from Macy’s Id walk over to security and tell them do their job. That’s what they are paid for


  8. Cameo1 says:

    my store… lol boy GTFOH!
    walmart does not care about you with their slavery tactics!!!

    I wish this walmart employee and others had the same fire when it comes to elected officials and bankers stealing for the taxpayer


    • Ionna says:

      Exactly! it’s not his home or personal property WALMART isn’t his personal property


      • Mahogany says:

        my store… lol boy walmart does not care about you with their slavery tactics!!!
        You see how promptly “his store” fired his arse!!


      • Anthony says:

        my store… lol boy GTFOH!
        You see how promptly “his store” fired his ass!!


  9. Ionna says:

    Instead of stealing he should have been asking if they were hiring.


  10. Anonymous says:

    Wal-Mart employees take stuff entirely too far. One time I was trying to return some items, which I had a reciept for. I couldn’t return them because they were considered lingerie items. Long story short an employee assaulted me, but Wal-Mart’s cameras in the area of that store were conveniently “out of service”.


  11. Gia says:

    Aint it funny that media always point out things like “single parent” when the story is about black folk.. Its teaches hate! and people are brainwashed through media and don’t even know it!


  12. FloridaGurl says:

    Maybe if they hired UP (or properly trained their employees to think from a mgmt position) they wouldn’t be paying out for bullshit like this


  13. Nicole says:

    I can’t get over the broke azz employee hollering about his store. Hopefully it wasn’t one of those greeters.


  14. YES says:

    Not saying he deserves to get ran over but if you do the life of crime expect the consequences IMO


  15. Anthony says:

    wtf is WRONG with folks today?? how old is the child??


  16. Keisha says:

    Stupid shyt.
    Coming to the defense of such stupid shyt makes me ponder folks fuckin’ sanity.


  17. Keisha says:

    The boy had a change of heart. HE DID NOT STEAL ANYTHING.

    And even if he did that does NOT make it right, however, getting your stankin’ azz in your car, turning the ignition, FINDING this boy in the parking lot, hitting him, or even SAYING anything to him and you’re not a cop warrants a firing AND a law suit.

    Fuck his intent.


  18. Gabriella says:

    worked in retail, they didn’t pay me enough to care if someone stole. they were more concerned about employees stealing than they were about customers stealing.


  19. Naz says:

    but on the real for settlement money lil dude finna get PAID


  20. Adam says:

    One stupid act led to another stupid act.


  21. RandomChick says:

    Why did he chase him down after he put the stuff back? sounds like another attempt at playing hero (referring to mr. zimmerman) when will people learn? think and be smarter!!!.


  22. Natasha says:

    Sounds to me like this boy’s mother could and should file criminal and civil charges. The employee was doing too much of the most.


  23. Nicole says:

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  24. Tamala says:

    Now he has a felony on his record and will never work in retail again. Wal Mart is still paid and the items were insured for such acts ..he stoopid


  25. Donte says:

    dumb ass now he fired!


  26. angelhair says:

    Oh he’s a stoopid ass walmart is not his store. He took his job too far.


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