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Lesbian couple suffocates, torture, murder; and bury victim alive…

This story is sad, tragic and horrific!

Ashley Barber, left and Jade Olmstead (pictured here), lured one of the women’s former lovers into the woods, beat her, strangled her, and finally buried her alive in a shallow grave as she took her last breaths.

Their victim, Olmstead’s 20-year-old ex girlfriend, Brandy Stevens, suffocated on the dirt, that these two heifers shoveled into the grave they’d dug in advance of the horrific crime, autopsy results showed.

This is what the pair confessed to state police Trooper Eric Mallory:

On May 17, the two women told police, Olmstead convinced Stevens to come see a fort she was building in the woods outside their home near Cochranton.

Barber, Olmstead’s new girlfriend, was lying in wait at the scene. They savagely beat Stevens, stuffing a cap into her mouth because “they were freaking out from her screams”.

Barber strangled Stevens with a rope as Olmstead continued to bludgeon her, and head-butted her so hard that she bruised her own forehead.

Olmstead and Barber then rolled Stevens into the makeshift grave. When they saw that she was still breathing, they slammed a rock into her face and poured water into her nose and mouth before piling on the dirt that eventually killed her.

Pennsylvania prosecutors are weighing whether to seek the death penalty for this murdering pair according to the Erie Times-News reported.

32 thoughts on “Lesbian couple suffocates, torture, murder; and bury victim alive…”

  1. OMG what did the girl do that they killed her like this? 😦 so sad. I pray for her soul and their’s too…..Sick just sick.


  2. How fucking stupid, cruel and evil now the dumb bishes in jail and prolly facing death. dumb! over some ex-pussy..dummies ain’t worth it.


  3. DAYUM!!!!!!!!! Can y’all imagine how it feel to be smothered in dirt? I cannot imagine ever doing smething so cruel and despicable to a human being. Not even an animal deserves this kind of treatment! They deserve the same thing they gave that girl. Sad


  4. wow this story is sad and shocking. one of these heifers (as blog queen put it) really felt jilted and couldn’t get over it. now they’re gonna pay.


  5. this was a crime of passion and hate. very sad this story. ain’t no human being worth losing yourself and ending up in jail for life. now they have blood on their hands. you live by the sword you die by the sword.


      1. i was the 1st to comment last night when trace posted this.

        stopped in to say “good morning” erbody


  6. it’s always sad when somebody take another human beings life. i wonder if these crazy women know the seriousness behind living with those consequences. I mean how could you be so driven by evil to kill? i just can’t fathom it.


  7. I don’t appreciate the argument that gay struggle = black struggle

    I can’t necessarily look at someone and know they’re gay…
    Skin color is’s not a preference

    does that mean I believe gays should be discriminated against? Nope…what you do in your bedroom is your business…if you wanna get hitched go ahead. But don’t tell me it’s the same thing as being black …cause that’s a load of bullshyt.


  8. this story right here is just damn plain crazy. what possed these bitches??? now they gon serve life behind bars.


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