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Sylvia Woods of famed soul food eatery passed away yesterday…

She is famous in Harlem for her fried chicken, barbecue ribs, macaroni and cheese, collard greens and other soul food delectable’s. And although she fed the famous, important dignitaries and ordinary people, her restaurant is like home because she remained humble.

Sylvia Woods put Harlem on the map, was even mentioned on television shows and in movies all because she gave her restaurant business her all. Whether you went to take your family to dinner, or politicians having summit meetings of black leadership, Sylvia’s was the first place that people thought of in Black America.

Other soul food restaurants followed her but there is no place like Sylvia’s. Her restaurant is the place that churches pack on any given Sunday afternoon. It’s my favorite spot to relax with my crew on any given Friday night. Sylvia’s is a family restaurant and dining there is liking dining at home, dining with family., in a comfortable atmosphere.

Sylvia Woods (pictured center above with two of her grandchildren), passed away yesterday at the ripe old age of 86, surrounded by family and those she loved. I will miss seeing her because she was always there. She greeted my staff and I, when we celebrated my business anniversary at Sylvia’s in 2010.

Rest in paradise Sylvia, 😦 as your legacy lives on…

47 thoughts on “Sylvia Woods of famed soul food eatery passed away yesterday…”

  1. cornbread, ribs, collard greens, fried chicken. Anyone who can cook those well is a saint in my book. Sounds like she was really nice woman who just wanted people to be happy at her place. R.I.P. Ms. Woods


  2. Sylvia was an awesome entreprenuaer, anytime you greet your patrons at the door yes that is a humble being.

    May she RIP.


  3. “She greeted my staff and I, when we celebrated my business anniversary at Sylvia’s in 2010.”

    i remember you talking about that! May she RIP


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