Georgie Porgie Zimmerman put on weight while out on bond…


June 2, 2012 by The ReadyWriter


 The judge in the George Zimmerman murder trial has revoked his bond, according to the Orlando Sentinel. Zimmerman has 24 hours to report to the same jail he was released from in April.

Prosecutors in Florida have asked a judge to revoke George Zimmerman’s bond. Prosecutors say Zimmerman and his wife “misled and deceived the court” during an April bond hearing. The motion alleges that Zimmerman and his wife spoke in code to hide his financial resources.

Zimmerman’s integrity and credibility will be the center of this case because he is the lone survivor of his attack on Trayvon Martin; and so far we’re seeing that Zimmerman is a LIAR, something the facts have shown thus far.

Zimmerman is charged with 2nd degree murder in the February shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. This unjustified killing sparked national outrage!

His trial is expected to begin early next year.


76 thoughts on “Georgie Porgie Zimmerman put on weight while out on bond…

  1. Jamilla says:

    0_0 ….sips tea.


  2. Ionna says:

    They should.


  3. Jamilla says:

    Good Looking with this post Tracy 🙂


  4. Felicia says:


    Ah ha!!!!


  5. Pointman says:



  6. Bobby says:

    I’m so glad….good for his ass!


  7. Aceman says:

    Now that we know more of the evidence, I think this man will be acquitted. Revoking his bond is just delaying the inevitable.


  8. Mrs. Hawthorne says:

    This mofo here.

    When I see him all I can think about is Martin in that courtroom saying…

    “the day of the geechie is over”


  9. Keisha says:

    The motion alleges that Zimmerman and his wife spoke in code to hide his financial resources.
    Not code…just espanol prolly.


  10. Olivijah says:

    ooh ok.



  11. Al-scream says:

    Damn nutt


  12. Tammy says:

    Duh……Just duh.


  13. ManUp says:

    Maaaaannnnnnnn HOW Come this dude can’t BE FOUND Floating in a River (Or Something Though…) UUUGGGHHHHHHHH


  14. Bird says:

    Why oh why did Trayvon have to cross paths with this hard luck screw up? This man ain’t got the sense the good Lord gave a turnip. Throw his butt in jail for being a dumb person who thinks he’s slick.


  15. BBallen says:

    He look like he’s thinkin about murkin another negro in that pic…

    Fuckkkkkk Zimmerman


  16. Mahogany says:

    Wish I had XMEN capabilities because MANNNNN he would be dead 🙂


  17. CorporateBitch says:

    Zimmerman’s bond was just revoked by the judge. He has to surrender within days. It’s about damn time!!!


  18. Gia says:

    Seriously, good.
    I’m still waiting to see the final sentencing on this mofo before I become overjoyed.


    • CorporateBitch says:

      I want to see him sentenced too, but I am happy he will be sitting in a jail cell where he belongs until trial. He does not deserve to be a free man after taking an innocent child’s life away!


  19. FloridaGurl says:



  20. BBallen says:

    I hope a nigga named mogrel jones digs up in that ass…..dry


  21. HarlemGirl says:

    Now let him in a cell block where it’s just a bunch of US that would start to make my day


  22. YES says:



  23. EbonyEyes says:

    rule #1 in jail: don’t be a booty call


  24. Keisha says:

    “And if I have ANY problems outta you, I’m gonna integrate this jail”

    -Sheriff Ozzie Walls
    ‘A Time to Kill’


  25. Adam says:

    Oh #welp


  26. KatMan says:

    I hate this bastard with every fiber of my being…his facial expressions…wide ass eyes! Big ass frying pan head!


  27. Shawnia says:

    I hope he doesn’t surrender, so the police can hunt him down like a dog the way he did Trayvon.


    • AnnaB says:

      I hope he doesn’t surrender, so the police can hunt him down like a dog the way he did Trayvon.
      That would be a great way to kick start the weekend.


  28. Tammy says:

    Did y’all see this fool when he was turned in? he got FAT as hell!!!!!
    he looks like a little PORKER!


  29. Daisy says:

    I’m so glad him and his wife got busted and he had to surrender.
    A lie will never stand people.

    Justice for Trayvon#


  30. 2Thick says:

    Zimmerman is hangin his ownself. and who da hell would support him with donations? Guess it’s all kinds of racist crazies out here huh?


  31. Acquitta says:

    Zimmerman’s integrity and credibility will be the center of this case”

    YUP and we already KNOW that he’s a lyin murderer so what else will be new here.


  32. Cameo1 says:

    Hi Ho..Hi Ho back to jail he go!!!

    LOL 🙂 good for his ass.


  33. Yasha says:

    I wonder if he can sleep @ nite?

    I hope he sees Trayvon in his dreams cause he has Trayvon’s blood on his hands.


  34. BBallen says:

    Sorry P.O.S.!!!!!


  35. Angelhair says:

    I’ll be so glad when this trial is over and I hope the end result is a guilty verdict. This case was fucked up from the beginning but we’ll see.


  36. Adriane says:

    You don’t speak in code unless you have something to hide. Period.

    But, who really speaks in code these days other than kids?

    Dumb ass!


  37. Yvonne says:

    I hate his face.



  38. XMen says:

    racist lying murdering bastids???


  39. Danny says:

    Fuck George Zimmerman…hmph


  40. Felicia says:

    the fact that he is in custody right now? 🙂 I love it.

    now i personally believe justice will be served in this case


  41. Bobby says:

    God don’t like ugly and George and his wife will be going down one way or the other.


  42. Ionna says:

    I think he’s going to get off with a mear slap on the wrist, I hope not but I think he will 😦


  43. Keisha says:

    Hey to all my peeps …sorry so late.
    Be in an out of posts like a stroker


  44. Bobby says:

    So this nigga now requires 20k a month to live? Ok. I was in a good place mentally with this mutha, but I am back to wishing he were dead. I wish it was him the bath salts dude ran into. Or his wife. No AND his wife.


    • Keisha says:

      @Bobby – It don’t matter how much money he gets. He dont sleep peacefully at night. They will need that money to get there face and name changed. The wrath that has and will continue to be placed on him is NEVER going to be lifted. Esp. since he took an innocent boys life.


  45. AnnaB says:

    where was he??


    • Aceman says:

      where was he??

      Nicca was in Berlin.


  46. Starr says:

    Personally, I want him dead.
    On other blogs, the vast majority of people commenting think George is telling the truth and they call Trayvon every name in the book. Some had even concluded that Trayvon probably stole the Tea and Skittles. I had to stop reading those blogs all together, but went back after this recent additional proof of George’s shadiness and you know what? They are still defending him. So yeah, I want him dead.


  47. Mahogany says:

    I hate for this azzhole to be effecting my blood pressure and stress level.


  48. KatMan says:

    Keep the money coming….Trayvon Martin’s parents are keeping track of how much you have George. Can’t wait until they clean you and the City of Sanford out.

    Side Note—-All you visitors to the Orlando area (90% of FL) be forewarned that they are really racist in that area. We were once chased down I-95 by some red necks in some big Ford trucks, with big confederate flags all over the place.


  49. Pinky says:

    I hope justice prevails


  50. CoCo says:

    I truly hope his fat ass gets convicted


  51. SoldierOne says:

    THIS FOOL still has Breathe going through His Body and That’s A TRUE CRIME RIGHT THERE— IMO


  52. Anonymous says:


    I hate his face. I can tell he’s a punk by the look in his eyes.


  53. Lexy says:

    Total Punk…the sort who looks away and down when you pass. He been sitting and getting fat in some comfy house with his dough from those who agree with his racist azz. He thought he had a year to build that nest egg and was gonna skip the hell out if the case seemed to not go his way. In a year he could have a few mill…
    I want him and wifey in


  54. SueWee says:

    Honestly, I cannot wait until this case makes its way to trial.


  55. Mrs. Hawthorne says:

    Most of that money is probably gone. He and his big wife were probably at home eating filet mignon and lobster!


  56. Pointman says:

    he must be asking himself was it worth it? even if he thought he’d be able to explain this away, was it worth it? was he mad at another black guy but took it out on the first black kid he saw? I always thought this was a horrible story. at any rate, he’s back where he belongs.


  57. Sane says:

    Zimmerman is a master manipulator and a narcissist who thinks he’s smarter than everyone around him, including his own lawyers. He and his wife had no intentions of using that money to pay for his legal defense. She had to remind him what the money was for … that’s why his first two sets of lawyers quit. His current lawyer, Mark O’Mara, is only repping him for the fame and to build his own brand. I would never want O’Mara as my attorney. He seems totally incompetent and he is a worse liar than his client.


  58. Dana says:

    Yeah his ass is fat.


  59. Cindy says:

    I just want him to suffer.


  60. HarlemGirl says:

    I’m LOL because he did get fat. That killer livin high on the hog well he was until he had to turn himself in for lyin. Ah ha!


  61. Jamilla says:

    he looks like a mexican porker. somebody need to stick a fork in em cause he’s done!

    i’m glad he’s being caught out there in his lies because that’s exactly what he is…A LIAR! with Trayvon’s blood on his hands.

    RIP TrayvonMartin~


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