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Jennifer Hudson annoyed with Security Pat Down

Jennifer Hudson made it clear she wasn’t happy about being patted down by a TSA officer as she went through LAX Airport on Tuesday. But welcome to the real world JHud.

The 30-year-old singer and Oscar-winning actress stuck out her tongue in a facial expression better suited for her 2-year-old son David. However, I’m sure that tongue action was because the paparazzi was watching her every move.

When it comes down to safety in the sky, celebrity status is secondary.

22 thoughts on “Jennifer Hudson annoyed with Security Pat Down”

  1. She deserves a rough pat down after all those dang “I am You” Weight Watchers commercials. A man can only take so much of that commercial coming on over and over again.


    1. Y’all don’t like what Tra posted don’t read it skip ya asses on by…but bcuz you take time to comment meant you took the time to read. Damn can’t please erybody. walks out


  2. wow so she stuck her tounge out, from the headline I was expecting something more. 30 seconds of my life wasted that i can’t get back.


  3. Good I’m glad y’all ain’t feeling this mild “no news/no real gossip” post from blog queen. won’t be much to talk about now will it? lol


  4. I guess Jennifer was sticking her tongue out at the camera to spoil the picture, because she want’s to be left alone.


    1. I agree 2Thickn……sometimes they just wanna be treated like regular people, then maybe they would act like them. I think her point was just that…..


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