On The Next Episode Of Love & Hip Hop

In the next episode of VH1′s reality TV series ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Jim Jones’ rides home with a new car and fiancée, Chrissy Lampkin, 40, goes off on him for purchasing a new ride when she’s still waiting on him to give her a ring.

“There’s a foreign car in my driveway! What is it doing here?,” Chrissy snaps at him.

Chrissy kill Jim’s new car buzz as soon as he rolls into the driveway, telling him “I don’t want to see this car. I want it out of my driveway.” When he offers to park it around the corner she tells him “And that’s where I’ll have your mail sent.”

According to our source, this scene is just the tip of the iceberg — this episode is quite possibly the most explosive one yet, trust us when we say that you’re not going to be able to tear yourself away from the screen on Monday. Tune in at 8 p.m. ET/PT to see what we mean.



44 thoughts on “On The Next Episode Of Love & Hip Hop”

  1. Chrissy-Beating people the fuck up because she is angry Jimmy hasnt proposed
    Olivia-Delusional azz wondering why she aint at the top of the charts
    Emily-Crying ova John
    Somaya-Thinking she’s an up and coming Reggatone artist
    Kimbella-being on prescription meds
    Yandy-Hand movements like she is signing for deaf people as she talk


  2. If you have to beg a man to marry you and continue to be miserable because he wont make that commitment then youre setting yourself up for failure and resentment…….


  3. Chrissy knew where his head has been at for years now…she’s in denial. I mean how many cars has Jimmy bought w/o proposing to you & you wanna get mad @ this particular purchase?!?! GTFOH!!!


  4. Morning er’body

    I thought it was said that Chrissy was happy with having a roof over her head, a car, and being able to make nappy face a sammich every now and then? How dare she get angry because he being the man and all, bought a car instead of a ring… GTFOH with that shit


    1. I love Chrissy. She is by far my fave on the show. But you cannot Pressure a man into marriage, you will regret it. Especially a man like Jimmy…

      I think he will marry her when HE is ready!


  5. Chrissy and Jim storyline is quite boring to me now. All she does is take her anger out on other people because Jim won’t marry her. Now……if they have an episode where Jim is having a conversation with her from the shower let me know. He always has that I haven’t taken a bath in ages look going on.


  6. Morning! First, let me say I’ve never seen this show. That being said… is that her house or his house? If his, how she going to imply that she going to kick him out of his house?


  7. Soooooooo, you buy a white luxury car (that you don’t want) because you lost a bet?

    She must not understand what a proposal is…If you proposed to HIM then why are you expecting a ring? Isn’t it the other way around.

    He clearly doesn’t want to marry you but you’re too dumb to see it. You can’t make snyone want something that they truly don’t want themselves.



    I have a really hard time believing these mf’s are dropping $6K on shoes and $100K on cars like water…QUIT.FRONTIN.COM!


  9. I am in the minority. I think Jim loves Chrissy and WILL marry her. If she makes it any longer, that is…he wanna make her sweat!!!


  10. Morning Family
    I don’t understand why she would get mad about him calling it his house…you are not working and you are not married to him so therefore it is HIS HOUSE! That’s why I don’t believe in shacking up!


    1. I like Chrissy! I think Jim will marry her one day. I also believe that is his house, It’s nice but it’s not extravagant or crazy. I’m sure he has a couple coins and that house looks affordable. People were foolish for believing that was Flava Flav, New York or Real/Chance’s house lol.


    2. I know VH1 and Bravo rents the houses for a lot of ppl but for some reason I think that’s Jimmy’s house. Cause its not like its a lavish mansion and looking at the neighborhood it looks pretty homely. I know Jimmy isn’t big on the national scene but he has a following so I know he ain’t hungry


  11. These arguments are HELLA stupid.

    I hate that Chrissy turn the car purchased into something else and ignored the fact that she orders expensive shoes

    Tierra fine as hell but ummm why she tryna get in the middle of this situation

    Yeah last scene…..who dat is


    1. Hey ya’ll….

      I can’t remember which blog I read this at, but Chrissy got her ring, huge one at that….

      (returns to lurking mode)


  12. a Shame women sit in these realtionship 10-15 yrs waiting to get married, and the dude aint even bringing that convo to the table, stupid, ugggg Simple women 😦 <<<<<SMH and


  13. Hell, i thought he was buying a new bentley. I get where she’s coming from, but dude aint marrying her. i keep telling yall niglets to stop playing house, dragging the carriage before the horse. he moved u in, screwed you to death, clothing u like his wife, and NOW u want the ring. you wont get it. but the good news chrissy, the very next chick after you will. aint that some schit?


  14. I read on another blog that Chrissy stated she had a job, condo and car before she met and moved in with Jim. She said he upgraded her life and told her she didn’t have to work anymore. I can’t be mad at that.


  15. Hmph, and I would say having a car is a bigger commitment. Jim should be flattered that someone wanna marry his dusty looking ass…


  16. If a woman has to BEG for a ring how sincere is it when/if she gets it? She gives her body, and expects Jim to marry her! She’s a beggar! And she needs to take lessons from T.I.’s girl Tiny! Tiny don’t beg, she’s not into Tip’s business and unlike Chrissy Tiny works!


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