Crazed Brooklyn Man Burned Woman Alive Over Money

The man suspected of burning a Brooklyn woman alive in an elevator said he committed the heinous attack because the woman owed him $2,000.

Jerome Isaac, 47, of 315 Lincoln Place in Brooklyn turned himself into police Saturday night. He was reeking of gasoline and made statements implicating himself in the horrific murder of his former lover, Dorothy Gillespie, 73, of 203 Underhill Ave in Brooklyn.

Police say Isaac stalked Gillespie and waited for her outside an elevator as she returned home from grocery shopping. Isaac, who was dressed as an exterminator, used a gasoline filled insecticide canister to spray Gillespie before setting her on fire with a barbecue lighter.

“He opens the door and sprayed her methodically over her head, over her body,” NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said. “She’s cowering, trying to protect her face with her hands.”

A resident of the Prospect Heights building said he heard sounds of an intense struggle. “She was screaming at the top of her lungs,” said the resident.

“It sounded like a person being attacked, rather than someone stuck in an elevator,” said the neighbor. “It sounded like she was in trouble.”

Residents of the building where Gillespie lived say the older woman moved Isaac into her 5th floor apartment earlier this year. The former postal worker hired Isaac to do odd jobs but fired him after she caught him stealing, her nephew told the NY Post.

Isaac told cops he had left a note on Gillespie’s door with a list of chores he was demanding payment for. But Gillespie refused to pay him after she caught him stealing and kicked him out.

Police today charged Isaac with first-degree murder and arson in Gillespie’s death. He was also charged with arson for setting fire to his own apartment in a nearby building after killing Gillespie.

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      1. Motherfucker look like Shaba Ranks

        LOL 🙂 You ain’t never lied. That was my initial thought. But I just did not want to say what was in my head. It gets me in trouble sometimes.



  1. This is sad. I am sure this horrible crime could have been prevented had she run a simple background check on this fool. I check folks out the minute they walk away from me.


  2. “Jerome Isaac, 47, He was reeking of gasoline and he made statements implicating himself in the horrific murder of his former lover, Dorothy Gillespie, 73″

    Say what now??? 😦 I’m sorry, I just couldn’t get past this part. She was 73 and he was 47???

    She at 73 and was getting it in with a 47 year old? Wow… Anyway, sad story but dude looks crazy as hell!


    1. “She at 73 and was getting it in with a 47 year old?”
      They weren’t lovers. He’s a handy man. She hired him to do odd jobs. He felt she owed him $2,000 so he killed her. There’s a NY post article about the story. Tra’s mistaken about them being lovers


      1. Ionna,
        Yes he’s obviously touched, but that’s no excuse. If they werent lovers, and this was just a man she gave odd jobs to because she took pitty on him…What a way to return her kindheartedness.


      2. Ionna, I refuse to believe that woman was screwing this man. It seems like she either knew him from around the neighborhood or saw him on the street and offered him the chance to make a few extra dollars. Everybody knows the people who are down on their luck and you have them do random chores/building/yard work whatever for a hot meal and some change. Unfortunately, it appears she tried to help the wrong one and he was either mentally disturbed or on some bad shit and killed her. I’m beginning to wonder if these people are possessed or if somethings in the water because crimes are getting more and more gruesome and just insane for no reason at all and I refuse to believe that people have always been this crazy and heartless… I pray for her family


      3. @ Mrs: the NY media said they were lovers. Her neighbors said he lived with her in that tiny apartment until she kicked him out for stealing from her. Why would she move a handyman in with her? He fits the pattern of a scorned lover.


      4. The Post said after the sick bastard torched the lady he fled to his nearby apartment where he lived with two roommates and described him as someone who was hired to do odd jobs and that she lived with her nephew and son. After she found out about his stealing, he started harassing and bothering her about the money she supposedly owed him..


      5. Good Evening Folks….

        I can believe they were lovers…He looks crazy in the photo because this was POST relationship…all cleaned up..he probably looks decent. I work with a 60 year old and her man is 31 years old…so IT does happen…#kanyeshrug

        He got complacent and she kicked him out..thats when he moved in down the street where he ORIGINALLY LIVED before he caught her eye!However this was a HORRIFIC CRIME and he needs to be punished


      6. Her neighbors said he lived with her in that tiny apartment until she kicked him out for stealing from her. Why would she move a handyman in with her?
        I was thinking the same thing y’all, in that small apartment, how many repairs could she have had, for the need to move in a stray?? This is so sad and horrific, now was she still working for the post office or retired?


  3. This is so sad! Mental illness is running rampantly undiagnosed. He looks like he set himelf on fire and somebody stomped it out.

    Prayers for the lady…that was a terrible suffering. All for the sake of trying to help somebody.

    S/N – Cameras in the elevator – I have to think twice about adjusting my cram jams in the elevator. The cameras prolly done caught me up at least 5 times this year.


  4. This man is obviously disturbed. Although I’m sure the amount owed to him for some damn chores was much less than two thousand, is 2g worth a persons life? Hell No!!


  5. I feel so sorry for the lady that lost her life to this monster. Murder is horrific within itself, but it takes a special kind of monster to either stab someone or set them on fire. He’ll have to answer for that shit 😦


  6. I hope he prays for forgiveness. He looks a bit touched/special in the face! The real question remains, was he dating this elderly woman?


      1. he needs some Lip Chap… crusty lip motherfucker.

        LOL!!! it’s chap stick!!!!!
        chapstick, lip chap, vaseline, cooking oil, nigga need something on them lips el-pronto!!!


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