“Ratings For 2.5 Men Were High-But The Season Premier”


“Two And A Half Men” destroyed ‘Dancing With The Stars’ in ratings but because of the show’s new leading man, Ashton Kutcher, who spent most of last night’s season premiere naked, proves that apparently sex sells.

Kutcher was hired after CBS fired Charlie Sheen after last season (and to think we assumed it was all a publicity stunt to boost ratings).

I did like the cameo appearances of John Stamos and Dharma (Jenna Elfman) & Greg (Thomas Gibsonas), I love that show. 

In last night’s season premiere, which drew  a record 27.7 million viewers, we learn that womanizer Charlie married his stalker neighbor, Rose. But just one day after his new wife found out Charlie cheated on her, he met an untimely death when he fell off a train platform and under an oncoming train.

I’m not being negative but I don’t think the new show without Sheen will last, so I’ll continue to watch the old shows including Sheen that’s in syndication.

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29 thoughts on ““Ratings For 2.5 Men Were High-But The Season Premier””

    1. Exactly… I do not wanna see any washed up “stars” dancing. Any who I may have to start watching this show… might makeme giggle


  1. I had never watched but I like Ashton and wanted to see what the big to do was all about. I liked it well enough and will watch again


  2. Peeped the first hour of DWTS (another show I do not watch) They are using the words “dancing” and “stars” very loosely!! 😦


  3. Always thought this was a funny show. Watched last night and have to say, I don’t think Charlie will be missed too much. It was just as funny if not funnier. Ashton Kutcher actually plays a smart, rich version of his character Kelso from That 70′s Show.


  4. I actually enjoyed dancing with the stars last night.I just loved seeing a few people make a fool out of themselves…like Ron Artest…Chaz Bono is another issue. But on the other hand, I never thought 2 1/2 men was that funny. It has its funny moments, but I don’t see the big deal over this show


  5. I started watching old reruns of ‘Two And A Half Men’ after Charlie was let go. I think the show was hilarious! I laugh out loud every time I watch a rerun of the show. I didn’t laugh that hard last night. But I will keep watching.


    1. I started watching old reruns of ‘Two And A Half Men’ after Charlie was let go. I think the show was hilarious!

      I started watching after the whole Charlie Tigerblood, winning fiasco.. and I too thought it was funny


    1. When Dharma and Greg made an apperance, I howled laughing. Last night’s episode was great.

      That was cute, also John Stamos and the 3some that ended up a 2some. This show could have survived w/out Charlie or Ashton. Not sure why ppl can’t watch both, I keep the clicker in my hand. For those who missed it (DWTS) comes on Monday & Tue every week. Tue is for the recap/rerun/elimination.


  6. oh ok.

    i don’t watch either show. but i’ve heard two and a half men was funny.

    i think DWTS problem is that every season they pick ‘stars’ that are lower and lower on the list


  7. No, the reason it did better because we are nosy by nature. We wanted to see what Demi Moore’s bag handler was going to do.

    I hate to admit it, but Charlie Sheen is #WINNING He gone get 100 MILLY and not do another episode of that show. That’s winning in my book.

    I agree with Tra the show will die down soon, Ashton can’t make funny week after week.


  8. So following last night’s script, without a “body” I suspect when ratings start to falter for the show, Charlie Sheen will have miraculously survived this fall in front of a train…


  9. I LOVED IT!!!

    Alan is still funny, the mama is funny, the son is still funny and Berta…well we know she is funny. It was not just Charlie that made the show it wall everyone together that meshed so well. Now that Charlie is gone and Ashton is in to add that corner of humor. I think it will survive, I will watch it. Like Berta said….never cross a crazy woman (Charlie)!


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