“One Of My Dining Experiences This Weekend Was At”

The Country Pancake House and Restaurant in Ridgewood, NJ…Thier restaurant’s motto is “Home of the Hearty” and that is because their pancakes and omelets are huge!!! You get more food than you bargain for.

I had a spinache omelet with onions and swiss, and every omelet comes with 2 large pancakes and home fries. My dinner companions had a cajun omelet, loaded with shrimp and fish. Everyone else had the huge pancakes topped with powdered sugar, bananas and strawberries.

While your waiting for the waitress to take your order, they bring out this basket of huge, thick, hot pieces of cornbread both plain and some filled chocolate chip. And they are so good!!!!!

The menu is large and their selections are endless, so bring your appetite. The restaurant is small but the food is extremely good. They accept no credit cards people, cash only.


13 thoughts on ““One Of My Dining Experiences This Weekend Was At””

  1. So you get the cornbread in addition to pancakes? That’s alotta damn bread.
    I would be working out for days. 🙂


  2. Guess not that many ceo bloggers hang out in Ridgewood, NJ huh? The food at this place is good. haven’t been in a while but Tra is hust reminding me to go back. 🙂


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