“Woman Charged With The Murder Of Her Co-Worker”


Brittany Norwood, 27 (pictured here), is charged with killing her co-worker, 30-year-old Jayna Murray. Norwood tried to cover the murder up by telling police, two masked men had entered the store where they worked in Bethesda, MD the night before and attacked and sexually assaulted them.

But the next morning, another store employee found Jayna Murray dead inside the shop and Norwood injured and bound.

After six days of investigation police now believe that neither woman were sexually assaulted and that Norwood killed Murray following some sort of dispute.

Maryland police were initially inclined to believe Norwood’s account of what happened but her description of the attack didn’t match with forensics and medical evidence police recovered from the scene. Only two sets of footprints were found inside the store, contradicting Norwood’s account that more people were inside. Also workers at the adjacent Apple store reported hearing two women arguing.

Blood and forensics evidence believed to be connected to Norwood were also found inside Murray’s car several blocks from the store in a busy Bethesda shopping district.

Authorities said Murray died of blunt force trauma and stab wounds and no evidence that anyone else was involved in the killing was evident at the time, but the investigation is ongoing.

Norwood was arrested Friday and charged with first-degree murder.


46 thoughts on ““Woman Charged With The Murder Of Her Co-Worker””

  1. Norwood was in legal and financial trouble. The victim was the store manager. From local reports it seems some funds were missing.


  2. “The next morning, another store employee found Murray dead inside the shop and Norwood injured and bound”

    How in the world did she bound her own self….. Jesus!!!


    1. You seem to suggest that Al Sharpton shows up to defend every black criminal in the country.

      What a pointless and untrue observatio­n. A black chick committed a crime here. There’s no need to bring Sharpton into it.


      1. Sounds like one for Al Sharpton..­. or is he out of the false victimizat­ion business in his old age?

        ADAM, By the way – when Sharpton gets loud, it’s because something unjust actually happened. You may not like his methods, but the people he defends are usually being mistreated somehow, or are being treated unfairly.

        There are whites who defend the underdogs just as vigorously­, but strangely enough, only folks like Sharpton get raked over the coals for loudly pointing out when something screwed up is going on.


      2. @ADAM,
        If you think that Al Sharpton still fights for the “underdogs­” then you are seriously deluded. He loves the limelight and nothing else!


      3. @Adam, you can’t be serious with that stupid ass comment. Al Sharpton coming to rescue of a woman who killed her co-worker is in no way an injustice! How do you even equate that man into the story line here…Do you have a crush on Sharpton? Because he has absolutely NOTHING to do with a black woman kiling a coworker.


      4. I agree @Civil, as I stated b4, a black chick committed a crime here. There’s no need to bring Sharpton into it.


  3. This story is fishy. Hhhhmmmm. If she was tied up she obviously had an accomplice. So why were there only 2 sets of foot prints.


      1. If she was tied up she obviously had an accomplice.

        I agree….My question is how did the alleged murderer bind herself? The story said Norwood was found injured and bound.


  4. If the women were sexually assaulted there would almost certainly have been some of the attackers DNA left at the scene, or on the women themselves­. The lack of any of this kind of evidence must have made the cops begin to question the events of that night.


  5. ””The next morning, another store employee found Murray dead inside the shop and Norwood injured and bound.””

    Bound how? And injured how? How was ‘she bound’ if she did all of this. Something is not right with this story.


  6. This is horrible. I hope the guilty person(s) receive swift justice.

    On a different note…. has that chick not watched ONE episode of the million forensic shows on primetime?


  7. The story does not make sense, since the accused was bound, and injured when found.

    I know a person can injure them-self , but how do you bound yourself?


  8. It was a 28 year old black woman who was suspected of stealing. She went into the dead girl’s car to take the merchandise she had stolen and was caught stealing. The yoga manager chick was going to turn her in because she took LOTS of stuff apparently. The cops asked her why she went and moved chick’s car and she said the masked men who had just raped her told her she had 10 minutes to move the car and come back.

    What an idiot. Lock this moron up! What the hell is wrong with young folks? You get in debt and angry so you take it out on others?

    No sense of responsibility. Shame on her.


  9. So, how did she get tied up. did she kill the chick first then somehow tied her hands together. hhm, i need to take yoga

    Morning Fam.


      1. Morning Mahogany, Angelhair, Yvonne, Civil, Pinky, Ashanti, Felicia and Zenna..

        Hey ya’ll.


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